If we want to take steps to meet the biggest challenge of this century, we should not work on making our business operations less bad, but come up with really good solutions that add value to our ecosystem. No waste of raw materials and no waste of talent.

Today’s societal challenges call for a different economic approach. An economy on which we can rely is one that highly values social capital, natural capital and intellectual capital.

The building and the way in which we facilitate the organization has an influence on the sustainability performance of the organization like no other. With 35%, Dutch buildings are the largest source of CO2 emissions and use more than 30% of all raw materials.


Our ambitions

WHY: We believe that organizations with their business operations can have great positive effect on the realization of a circular and inclusive economy.

HOW: With our knowledge, experience and passion we help these organizations to realize their ambitions. We want to put organizations in their power, in order to make optimal use of all opportunities.

WHAT: PHI Factory supports organizations in finding creative solutions, in the decision-making process and in realizing ambitious circular goals.