Geerke Versteeg

Geerke is co-founder of PHI Factory. Geerke’s ambition is to help organizations in realizing their power to accelerate towards circular business operations. Thinking in terms of opportunities and solutions is her strength. In recent years, she has gained extensive experience in circular procurement, circular facility management and vision & strategy projects within the domain of business operations. She uses her project management skills to tackle projects from A to Z in a structured way and ensures tangible results. These projects often take place at complex political organizations. Geerke is able to structure complex issues in such a way that she translates them into accessible information and understandable visuals. By doing so she brings circularity into practice.

Yvette Watson

Yvette is co-founder of PHI Factory and helps organizations accelerate towards a circular economy. With enthusiasm and passion, she stimulates the awareness that the facilities sector has an impact on the sustainability performance like no other. Yvette supports organizations in realizing their energy-neutral and circular ambitions for their business operations and the building and develops circular concepts for various market parties. She regularly gives inspiration sessions to familiarize organizations with the opportunities of the circular economy. Yvette actively participates in programs that accelerate sustainability such as the Green Deal Circular Buildings, the DGBC Sustainable Renovation Delta Plan and is chair of the FMN Expert Group on the Circular and Inclusive Economy.

Pam van Wanrooij

Pam graduated for the master Global Business & Sustainability and puts her acquired knowledge into practice at PHI Factory. With her passion and enthusiasm, she wants to make an impact and help organizations accelerate towards a circular economy with PHI Factory. From her studies she has gained experience in solving sustainability issues and has found that most solutions are sometimes out-of-the-box but much more often out-of-the-comfort zone. She finds awareness an important aspect of the transition to a circular economy and she tries to get as many people as possible on board, both professionally and personally. At PHI she is heavily involved in strategy and concept development, she facilitates knowledge sharing and tries to make every organization sustainable with energy.

Jessica Vervoort

Jessica manages all business operations of PHI Factory. She is the backbone of the organization and creates an effective structure for the team. Jessica has excellent communication skills, which she uses for the website and social media messages. In addition, she uses her organizational talent for various projects, a study trip and internal activities. She has years of experience in working in sustainability and is happy to continue to work together on a circular economy.

Lisa Broos

Lisa has a mission: to work for a better world by putting the circular economy into practice and inspiring as many people as possible. With the PHI Accelerator tool, she helps organizations to involve as many employees as possible in a fun way in achieving the organization’s sustainability goals. She uses her enthusiasm and creativity to develop the coolest challenges that really stimulate. She knows PHI Accelerator like the back of her hand and gives her support as an expert in the development of custom modules and challenges for organizations. Lisa works in a structured, goal-oriented way and she wants to be an inspiration to others. That is why she prefers to vlog, blog and present as much as she can.

Sophie de Vocht

With a passion for sustainability, a good dose of creativity and strong project management skills, Sophie helps organizations accelerate towards a circular economy. She sees great importance in the careful handling of raw materials and sees the circular economy as the way to create a future-proof society. At PHI Factory, Sophie creates positive impact by supporting organizations in achieving their circular and sustainable ambitions. With a reliable, decisive and positive approach, she ensures that these ambitions are translated into actions and that circularity is given a permanent place in business operations.

Femke Posthuma

While studying Facility Management, Femke developed a passion for sustainability and circularity. With her accumulated work experience in the circular work field, Femke hopes to inspire, motivate, connect and above all to encourage people to take action through PHI Factory. Her goal is to create a world in which multiple value creation is central. She does this in a result-oriented, customer-oriented manner and with enthusiasm. On a personal level, Femke is also working every day on making an impact for a more sustainable world. Encouraging people to make the right (sustainable) choices, no matter how small these steps may be. Her motto: every little bit helps.

Michael van der Meer

Michael is an innovator with extensive experience in the FM world. He likes to use his energy to make the world a lot better today, by connecting people and inspiring them. In the past, he has developed innovation programs and established an innovative ecosystem, with a strong focus on sustainability. This has resulted in beautiful chain partnerships between corporates, startups and the government. His passion for sustainability has grown enormously, privately and on a business level, and with this he really wants to make a difference at PHI at the intersection of innovation and sustainability. Michael is pragmatic and always looks for the fastest way to success. His motto: be open to everything!

Claire Verbeek

Claire is an expert in the field of hospitality and has extensive experience as a facility manager and entrepreneur. She lives consciously and sustainably by nature and her ambition is to accelerate together towards a circular economy. As part of the team, she takes care of all operational and commercial activities regarding PHI Notes: from customer contact, production of personalized versions up to careful reuse. In addition, Claire takes care of the organization concerning the training and events of PHI Factory.

Mira Conci

Mira is an Italian architect and engineer with a PhD in the environmental and economic sustainability of the built environment. With her continuous research she advises on CO₂ and energy and makes complete financial life-cycle analyzes using her self-developed modeling methods. She is currently part of EIT Climate-KIC in the 1 Million Near-Zero Energy, Near-Zero Carbon Homes in Europe initiative and she is an initiator and associate at GearCraft, an architecture and real estate management studio specializing in customizing buildings to (almost) CO2 neutral. In her role as ambassador for the International Future Living Institute, she advocates for regenerative communities and a circular economy. At PHI, Mira is the brain behind the CO₂ calculations of the PHI Impact Calculator.