Strategy & execution

Anker sustainability and circularity in your business.

We help building the bridge between the strategy of your organization and your circular ambitions. We translate the ‘why’ to a concrete and verifiable ‘how’ and ‘what’.
An integral approach:
from kick-off to implementation.

Strategy & execution

The PHI approach

PHI Factory assists organisations to put your circular ambition into practice. We do this according to the PHI approach. Our building blocks ensure the approach fits your organisation and the phase you are in. 


Internal analysis

We map your baseline. What is the current level of sustainability and circularity in your organization? The PHI Impact Calculator can complement the internal analysis with a baseline measurement for environmental impact.

Vision & ambition

During our interactive sessions, we give meaning to the words ‘sustainability’ and ‘circularity’. We formulate concrete goals and determine how they will be anchored in the organization.

From ambition to practice

We translate the circular ambitions to concrete and practical action. Additionally, we map opportunities and obstacles, identify the relevant stakeholders, and involve relevant value chain partners.

Prioritise and operationalise

We determine which steps to prioritise based on the potential and achievable impact. And we map which resources, people and processes you need to execute your plan as well.


All steps come together in a specifically designed visual plan of action. Special attention is directed to the necessary people and resources and creating support within the organization.

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T: +31 (0)180 45 34 32