Ambition session Circular Purchasing Municipality

Ambition session Circular Purchasing Municipality

Municipality of Beuningen

The municipality of Beuningen has formulated a vision to be energy-neutral by 2040. The municipality sees the potential for circular procurement and wants to take the first steps in this direction. Especially considering the connection between the material transition and the energy transition.


The municipality of Beuningen is already paying a lot of attention to the theme of energy. There was still a lack of specific knowledge and a clear vision on circular purchasing. A dot on the horizon, a promise, an approach with which the municipality of Beuningen can realize its objectives, together with its employees and chain partners.

Because the municipality has the intention to start circular procurement throughout the entire municipality, PHI Factory has been asked to support them in taking the first steps in this area.

The PHI approach

The assignment is executed in 2 steps.

  • Step 1: internal analysis

The first step was desk research. In order to get a good picture of the current situation, relevant internal documents concerning the vision and ambition of the municipality were summarized. This information was processed as input and starting point for the workshop of step 2.

  • Step 2: defining the definition, ambition & strategy

The second step was to define the WHY and the frame of definition. Formulating a vision and ambition for circular procurement and which strategy best suits the municipality. This was done with the right stakeholders in an interactive workshop.

The result

The ambition session has been recorded and elaborated on, in a two-pager. This contains the jointly formed ambition. In addition, the definition of sustainability has been elaborated from three angels and preconditions have been taken into account. Finally, a piece of assurance and advice for follow-up steps has been incorporated that provides the municipality of Beuningen with tools to continue circular purchasing from here.

Municipality of Beuningen

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