Purchasing process circular office furnishing

Purchasing process circular office furnishing


In 2016-2017 Rijkswaterstaat has tendered a new framework contract for ‘circular office furniture’ with the national government. This framework contract, with a potential size of €200 million, is the largest circular procurement contract so far tendered in the Netherlands.

Not only in terms of financial size, but also in terms of circular ambition level, the project is special and instructive for other authorities. It is therefore important for the development of circular procurement to map out this particularly instructive trajectory and thus disseminate the gained knowledge.

Rijkswaterstaat sets the tone with a circular office design request


Because reporting and communication on this innovative tender has been limited so far, PIANOo wanted to report on the lessons learned from this tender. PHI Factory was asked to retrieve, analyze and unlock these lessons in an accessible and clear report.

The PHI approach

Initially, an inventory of the available documents took place. This included documents such as the tender documents, fact sheets that had already been drawn up and evaluation documents. This information was analyzed and merged. On the basis of this set-up, consultation took place with RWS regarding the information retrieved and PHI provided an overview of the information that was still missing. From there, the right information was retrieved from the right people within RWS. Precisely this information is valuable for this report to gain insight into the process, the obstacles and how this was handled.

The result

The delivery of a clear and accessible report describing the lessons learned from the tender circular office furniture of Rijkswaterstaat. This proved to be important in order to take sufficient time in the preparation of the tender and to ensure that the creation of support is disconnected from the tender process. The qualitative circular award criteria were also decisive and thus a clear success factor. This report provides other contracting authorities with valuable insights and tools to get started with circular procurement themselves. In this way, Rijkswaterstaat contributes to knowledge sharing and the development of circular procurement in general and for office furniture in particular.

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