The facilities field has an influence on the (circular) performance of organizations like no other. The facility manager has a crucial role as a raw materials manager. Facility Management (FM) has an influence on the import of raw materials, their use and subsequently the outflow of raw materials through the waste contract. Adding a circular perspective gives FM the potential to make a positive contribution to the primary process in addition to supporting the core activities and providing a productive working environment. Circular FM needs an integral perspective, therefor we look at the whole supply chain.

Circular FM creates a positive impact: financial, ecological and social. By directing the raw material flows that enter and leave the building from start to finish, circularity can be secured, energy is saved, and value is created through chain cooperation. During the transition, the results will be measured, making the impact recoverable and communicable.


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PHI Factory helps formulate an integrated approach so that circular FM makes a maximum contribution to the primary process of the organization. To arrive at this integrated approach, we make use of the phases from the PHI Approach; 1. internal analysis, 2. vision and ambition session, 3. from ambition to practice by identifying opportunities and involving chain partners, 4. prioritizing and 5. making a visual roadmap and the concrete translation into an implementation plan in which people, resources and the creation of support are included.