In the government-wide program The Netherlands Circular in 2050’, the cabinet outlines how we can turn our economy into a sustainably driven, fully circular economy in 2050.

Circular procurement plays an important role in this. By asking a different question to the market, the buyer can accelerate towards a circular economy.

Would you like to know how to start? Or how to translate circular ambitions into a tender strategy, criteria and evaluation matrix? PHI Factory can support the buyer or project manager in this. This can be a one-off training, an online circular procurement training with the PHI Procurement Accelerator or a 4 x 2.5 hours workshop with your colleagues.


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We offer

Basic knowledge: by means of a training in circular procurement, you will learn the basics and start working with your own procurement issue.

Tendering strategy: translating circular ambitions into an appropriate tendering strategy, in which cooperation with the market and a growth model during the contract period are a priority.

Criteria & assessment: the criteria and assessment matrix reflect the ambitions and focus point of the organization.

Contract form and revenue models: the circular economy entails different business and revenue models. Always include a financial incentive in the contract to keep the value of commodities as high as possible.