Your organization wants to get started on the subject of circular economy, but you do not exactly know where and how to start. How do you translate the organizational strategy and goals into circular ambitions? How do you get from the strategic 'why' to a concrete and verifiable 'how' and 'what'?

PHI Factory helps to bridge the gap between the organizational strategy and circular ambitions and to put these into practice. We do this with a sense of reality and attention to the creation of support.


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To create a feasible strategy or concept, we use the elements from the PHI Approach; 1. Internal analysis, 2. vision & ambition session, 3. from ambition to practice by identifying opportunities and involving chain partners or customers, 4. prioritizing and 5. making a visual roadmap and the concrete translation into an implementation plan in which people , resources and the creation of support, among other things, are included. For example, in the vision and ambition session with and for your organization, we define a vision and ambition on sustainability or circularity. The internal analysis and any baseline measurement serve as input for this session. In the ambition session we will discuss various topics:

  • Formulating a definition of circularity or sustainability;
  • Formulating concrete objectives over time;
  • Focus and determine which strategy suits the organization.