Getting started with the subject of circular economy, circular procurement, circular facility management or circular building? Looking for a tool or game to get started in a fun way? PHI Factory has designed several tools and games.

Common threads in our tools are: what is a circular economy, the mechanisms of this approach, the influence and responsibility of an organization, the action perspective from a function or department, chain collaboration, business and revenue models, developments and FUN!


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Jessica Vervoort


PHI Accelerator

An online gamification tool and e-learning program, that makes learning fun, easy and exciting for large groups of colleagues. PHI Accelerator enables people to engage on the big topics of an organization and contribute to the transition towards a circular economy. Read more

PHI Impact Calculator

Map your total CO2 footprint and really start making a positive impact! Read more

Sustainability profiles

Get everyone moving to contribute to your organization’s sustainability goals. Read more