Getting started with the subject of circular economy, circular procurement, circular facility management or circular building? Are you looking for a basic training or more specialized for a certain profession for e.g. higher management or finance? PHI Factory has designed several training courses and workshops.

The common thread in these training courses are the basic elements: what is a circular economy, the mechanisms of this approach, the influence and responsibility of an organization, the action perspective from a function or department, chain collaboration, business and revenue models, developments and innovations.


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Jessica Vervoort



Basic knowledge: in the training you will learn the basics and start working on your own circular issue.

Mechanisms: we delve into the principles and mechanisms of a circular economy

Influence and responsibility of an organization are discussed, how can organizations contribute to this transition and how can the organization make a positive impact.

The action perspective from a function or department: how can every employee in an organization contribute to the organization’s sustainability objectives from their own position.

Chain collaboration: we do not achieve a circular economy on our own, you need all chain partners to do this and how can to organize this?

Business and revenue models: what are appropriate revenue models in order to create logical behavior for value retention and how do you add incentives to grow towards a circular model.

Developments and innovations: which startups help us to revalue raw material flows, generate data, measure impact and offer smart solutions for the transition?