Getting started with the subject of circular economy, but no idea what a circular economy exactly is and what opportunities this offers for Facility Management? This masterclass will give you the tools you need to get started!

The facilities field has an influence on the circular performance of organizations like no other. Not only are buildings responsible for 36% of our total CO2 emissions in the Netherlands, but a building is also one large raw material depot. For example, 50% of the raw materials are contained in buildings. The maintenance and use of the building also create a demand for raw materials: materials, energy, water, furnishings, office supplies and facility services. With the growing awareness that we are rapidly depleting & polluting the earth and the increasing enthusiasm for the ideas of the circular economy, we seem to have reached a turning point. More and more organizations see the urgency and the potential of an economy that values ecological and social capital.

From theory to practice

The Circular FM masterclass explains, using both theory and practical examples, what the circular economy entails, what this new economic approach means for the facilities sector and the opportunities it offers for companies. Leaders and specialists will share with you their insights and experiences in the application of circular economics. At the same time, you will actively work with the opportunities that the circular economy offers for you own organization.


The five modules are structured as follows:

  • Module 1: The transition to a circular economy.
  • Module 2: Basic knowledge Circular Procurement, FM and the building.
  • Module 3: From ambition and strategy to a concrete project.
  • Module 4: System change & collaboration in the chain.
  • Module 5: The importance of the process, financing and incentives. We end with a return day.

The explanation of the modules is included in the brochure.


Practical info:

  • Modules: 5
  • Duration: 6 meetings of 3 hours
  • Incompany training
  • Tailor-made quotation


Yvette Watson

Yvette Watson

Geerke Versteeg

Geerke Versteeg

Bekijk de brochure

Bekijk de brochure


  • You will have a clear picture of circular economics and what that means for the facilities sector;
  • You will have insight into the role of the facilities sector in the transition to a circular economy;
  • You will have the knowledge and applications in building and FM management;
  • You will have an action plan and practical tools to take steps towards a circular economy in your own organization.

Besides following modules, you will be supported to get started with you own circular issues. We do this in 4 ways:

  • The action plan runs like a thread through the modules;
  • During the physical meetings there is always an expert present to answer questions;
  • PHI Factory provides a digital platform for participants to exchange knowledge and questions;
  • On this digital platform you can also read the presentations and find literature on other relevant sources.

This masterclass Circular FM is valuable for professionals from the facilities field, facility managers, housing managers, facility buyers, facility contract managers and innovation managers of facility service providers. In short: for anyone who wants to take steps in the transition to a circular economy.


This training can be organized at your company. Please contact us for a customized quotation.