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Are you unsure how to start with sustainability? How you can inspire management to say 'yes' to your circular action plan? Or how do you inspire employees to take circular steps? Then this session with a good dose of enthusiasm is a perfect start for inspiration and broadening knowledge!

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Inspiration Sessions

Get others involved in your circular ambitions!

Do you want to ensure a successful circular project? Then wide support is crucial, which often starts with several ambassadors. These are frontrunners in the organization who bring others along. Inspiration sessions support the spread of knowledge and enthusiasm amongst different layers of the organization. Inspire and activate management, the board, or your colleagues through an inspiration session.

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Still at the beginning of your sustainability journey? Then we'll start with the basics of the circular economy. Already want to dive further? Then we can cover themes like circular procurement, circular facility management, circular construction, or circular food & drinks.

At any location

Would you want the session at your office, a special location or online so that everyone can dial in from their individual location? Everything is possible. An inspire session lasts 1.5 hours. During the session, you will alternate between energizers and surprising elements.

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T: +31 (0)180 45 34 32