Sustainable spend analysis

Discover how to smarten up your procurement.

The sustainable spend analysis dives into the purchasing expenditure divided over the various purchasing packages as well as the associated opportunities and risks. Discover how you can optimize sustainable performance in your business operations and supplier management.

Make sustainable choices
based on data.

Sustainable Spend Analysis

What we do

In collaboration with our partner Emeritor, we create a footprint containing the who, what and where of the organisations' procurement. What is purchased, who buys what and from which partner? We map the relevant suppliers and invoices per purchasing category. The analysis is easy to repeat. This way, trends are detected, and you gain insights to accomplish the organizational and purchasing goals.

The result

Managing risks and opportunities
We enrich financial data by adding risk levels. We accomplish this through the risk profiles assigned to activity codes (SBIs) by the MVO-Register Foundation (stichting MVO-register). In total, 23 different risks and opportunities are defined.

Based on these risks and opportunities, we indicate where the highest potential impact for your organization is located. This offers you the tools you need to test the risks and opportunities that match your organizational goals and to start projects that contribute most to the actualization of those goals.

Additional options

Contractual coverage
We enrich the data even further with your contract register. This supplies an immediate understanding of which parts of your purchasing volume have already been captured. This will speed up the ability to start-up your procurement projects.

Regulate per kilometer
We create an entire geographical overview of suppliers. You'll have insight into the distribution of all suppliers and the associated expenses. Based on this overview, we can regulate the transport kilometers and direct to local purchasing.

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T: +31 (0)180 45 34 32

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