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Challenge your co-workers to accelerate towards a circular economy!

The PHI Accelerator is an online serious game about circularity and sustainability. Through a combination of fun and competition, participants are challenged to participate in sustainable actions. All these actions together form collective impact!

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PHI Accelerator

What we do

The PHI Accelerator is an online serious game that makes change fun, easy and fascinating for large groups of colleagues. Starting at 30 minutes a week, The Accelerator enables participants to gain knowledge about a sustainable society and economy, regardless of place and time. In a series of challenges, they will directly apply this to their own work. We use the power of social systems, challenge and competition, and the influence of behavioural dynamics. The employees are a force for change towards the sustainable world of tomorrow.

Emotionally warmed up for action!
Good feelings from completing the action and achieving success.
Social norms are made explicit or will be 'reset'.
A dialogue that shows what is going on in the workplace.

How it works

Every week, employees are motivated to complete an online challenge in 30 minutes. Their knowledge is expanded via facts, tips and videos and will take action immediately. As an additional incentive, there are weekly prizes they can win. Each challenge consists of:

  • Quiz: Trigger people with questions and/or a short video with information.
  • Action: Active learning, performing small online and offline assignments.
  • Share: Social learning by sharing ideas with each other (social norm setting).

The results

  • Connections between colleagues.
  • Getting to know the sustainable ambassadors in your organization.
  • A community that uncovers what happens at the workplace.
  • Collaborate on sustainability.
  • Sense of gaming through challenges.
  • Basic knowledge about circularity and sustainability for everyone.
  • Final report with key highlights, ideas, and figures.

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Our programs

The Circular Economy

How do you ensure that circular economy is firmly established and really becomes part of the organization? Through 4 or 6 weekly challenges, employees discover how they can contribute to the circular goals of their organization.

Circular Office

Let employees experience how they can accelerate towards a waste-free office. Discover in 6 weeks what opportunities exist in the areas of catering, waste, cleaning and furniture. Suitable for entire facilities departments and for specific (interdisciplinary) teams.

Practical information

  • Participants: Starting at 75 individuals.
  • Duration: 4 - 6 weeks, 4 - 6 challenges of 30 minutes each.
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