Circular coalition

Alone you go fast, together you go far.

Have a serious impact and involve your value chain partners in your circular ambitions. The circular coalition is an innovative program to bring cases, start-ups and knowledge partners in together in a room.

A specific program
for goal-oriented collaboration.

Innovate together

The innovation program consists of several sessions with components for learning (knowledge), development (goals) and collaboration (coalition). Every session focuses on quick wins and micro changes. The innovation program focuses on major change, collaborative power, system innovation and disruptive business models.


Five elements

Our programs include five fixed elements. These are woven into the sessions. This way we ensure that the programs are not only informative, but also have a lasting impact.
Approach & development
We set out a clear plan to form the circular coalition. Special attention to personal and organizational interests ensures the success of the coalition.
Mobilise value chain partners
We look for the relevant value chain partners. Starting at, influencing the change and a mandate and commitment to work together on a sustainable and circular service concept.
Support program
We guide the coalition with a strong innovation- and developmental programme. This includes strict preparation of the programme, contributions by (guest) speakers on the day of the event and proper reporting afterwards.
Experts and process designer
If required, the expertise and support is flown in to ensure a successful meeting.
Solutions from the SDG ecosystem
We investigate the issue at hand and look for a suitable solution within our SDG ecosystem. We connect the coalition with start-ups to agree on a scalable solution.

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T: +31 (0)180 45 34 32