Circular escape room

Will your team escape climate change in time?

Inspiring, compelling and above all fun. The Circular Escape Room introduces the principles of CE in one hour. While solving the challenges, you learn how to apply circularity to your profession and life.

Can you safeguard
the future in time?

Circular Escape Room

How it works

No time to waste! After a concise presentation about the circular economy, the clock starts. As a team, you have 30 minutes to solve all the challenges and thus escape the consequences of climate change. When the future is secured, there's time to reflect on the facts learned. In total, the Circular Escape Room lasts one hour per session. After that you can put your newly gathered information directly into practice.

The results

  • Knowledge about the circular economy;
  • Inspirational reading list;
  • Tips to start right away;
  • A clear call to action.

Practical information

  • Participation at any location
  • 2 teams of 8 people per session
  • 1 hour per session
  • 6 sessions a day
  • 2 circular economy experts
  • Price: € 2,000 per day

More information?

Our expert will happily tell you more.

Jessica Vervoort

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T: +31 (0)180 45 34 32