About PHI

We want a better world for a shared tomorrow.

PHI Factory is a passionate and driven consultancy. We support organizations, with infectious enthusiasm, to translate sustainable and circular ambitions into practical projects and solutions. Our Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) is to accelerate all organisations in the Netherlands towards a circular economy before 2040.

Sustainability is embedded in our DNA.

Learn and act together.

Traveling by train and working digitally are a no brainer to us. As a circular expert and experts by experience, we are 100% committed to the successful of all projects.  We accomplish this through co-creation with our customers and partners. We connect, share our knowledge and dare to experiment.

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We work three tracks.

  • Circular action. We actualize circular goals, form circular (facility) coalitions and make buildings sustainable.
  • To measure = to know. We measure the effects. We accomplish this through the PHI Impact Calculator.
  • Inspire. We inspire and trigger employees in organisations to act through gamified learning.

Our approach is always customised.

Our building blocks offer an approach tailored to your organisation and transition phase. Are you looking for tangible circular ambitions? Or are you ready to translate them into a practical roadmap? Identify where your organisation can have the most positive environmental impact with our PHI Impact Calculator. Or start a genuine circular coalition with all your value chain partners!


Our team

Geerke Versteeg

About Geerke
Geerke is co-founder of PHI Factory. Geerke has the ambition to support organisations through actualization power to accelerate towards circular business operations. Her strength lies in her focus on opportunities and solutions. In recent years, she has gained extensive experience in circular procurement, circular facility management, as well as, vision and strategy processes within business operations. She uses her project management skills to tackle projects from start to finish in a structured manner and ensures tangible results. These projects often transpire in complex political organisations. Geerke can structure complex content into accessible information and comprehensible visuals. This way, she translates theoretical circularity and puts it into practice.

Yvette Watson

About Yvette
Yvette is co-founder of PHI Factory and supports organisations to acceleration towards a circular economy. She is passionate and driven to boost general awareness about the unequalled influence the Facility sector has on the sustainability performance of organisations. Yvette helps organisations accomplish their energy neutral and circular ambitions regarding their buildings and business operations, and she develops circular concepts for various parties as well. She regularly hosts inspire sessions to familiarise organisations with the opportunities that the circular economy has to offer. Yvette actively participates in programs that accelerate sustainability, such as the Green Deal Circular Buildings, the Delta Plan for Sustainable Renovation of the DGBC and she’s chair of the FMN Expert Group Circular and Inclusive Economy.

Pam van Wanrooij

About Pam
Pam was awarded the Master of Global Business & Sustainability degree and puts her acquired knowledge into practice at PHI Factory. With her passion and enthusiasm, she wants to impact and support organisations accelerate to a circular economy. Her studies provided her with experience to solve sustainability challenges and she found that most solutions are more often located out-of-the-comfort zone rather than out-of-the-box. She considers awareness to be an important aspect of the transition to the circular economy, and therefore she tries, both professionally and personally, to influence as many people as possible. At PHI, she is often involved in strategy and concept development, facilitates knowledge sharing and she works to make every organisation more sustainable.

Jessica Vervoort

About Jessica
Jessica is responsible for the operational management within PHI Factory. As a spider in its web, she takes care of the structure, financial administration, draws up contracts and trains colleagues, does marketing and communication; graphic design, website management, creates and implements a communication plan and organises events. She is creative and her communication skills are top notch. With great enthusiasm, she likes to help accelerate the move towards a circular economy.

Michael van der Meer

About Michael
Michael is an innovator with extensive experience in the FM world. He likes to use his energy to make the world a better place today, by connecting people and exciting them. In the past, he has developed innovation programmes and started an innovative ecosystem with a strong focus on sustainability. This has led to beautiful value chain partnerships between corporations, start-ups, and the government. His passion for sustainability has grown tremendously, both privately and professionally, and that’s how he wants to make a difference at PHI, where innovation and sustainability meet. Michael is pragmatic and always looks for the most direct road to success. His motto: be open for everything!

Sophie de Vocht

About Sophie
With a passion for sustainability, a healthy dose of creativity and strong project management skills, Sophie supports organisations to accelerate towards a circular economy. She sees the importance of handling raw materials with care and considers the circular economy to be the best way to accomplish a future-resilient society. At PHI Factory, Sophie creates positive impact by supporting organisations in achieving their circular and sustainable ambitions. With a reliable, decisive, and positive approach, she makes sure that these ambitions are translated into actions and that circularity gets a permanent place in operational management.

Femke Posthuma

About Femke
During her Facility Management studies, Femke developed a passion for sustainability and circularity. Through her accumulated experience in the circular sector, Femke hopes to inspire, motivate, connect and above all, to move people to act through PHI Factory. Her goal is to create a world in which multiple value creation is centralised. She is result- and customer orientated and enthusiastic. On a personal level, Femke works on day-to-day impact for a more sustainable world. She encourages people to make the correct (sustainable) choices, however small these steps may be. As she always says: every little bit helps.

Jasper Brouwers

About Jasper
Jasper is responsible for PHI Factory’s Impact Calculator. With his positive attitude and critical view, he supports companies to clarify their carbon impact. His passion for sustainability started at an early age and comes to fruition at PHI Factory. His diverse background in biomedical sciences and business economics, as well as, his experience in various start-ups provide him with a fresh perspective within the team. He believes that the ability to make impact measurable and then translating this into practical solutions is crucial for the transition to a circular economy. Therefore, he likes to connect stakeholder interests to data and feasible solutions to achieve the greatest impact.

Klaartje Geerts

Over Klaartje
Klaartje heeft tijdens haar ervaring in de reiswereld haar interesse en passie voor duurzaamheid ontdekt. Ze is van mening dat elke verandering, elke ontwikkeling (hoe klein ook!) ons een stap dichterbij een circulaire economie brengt. Bewustwording creëren, kennis delen en dat allemaal met een flinke dosis plezier en positiviteit zorgt voor verbinding. Ze beschikt over goede communicatieve vaardigheden en draagt met veel enthousiasme haar steentje bij op diverse vlakken binnen PHI Factory. Van ondersteuning bij de PHI Accelerator tot de financiële administratie, beheer van de website, project- en communicatieplanning, organisatie van bijeenkomsten en marketing activiteiten.

Marinda Bosman

About Marinda
Marinda wants to apply the knowledge she gained during her Master Environment and Society, combined with her passion for sustainability and circularity, to help companies accelerate towards a circular economy. At PHI Factory, she works on and with the PHI Impact Calculator. She believes measurable sustainability will raise awareness and lead to the development of sustainable alternatives. She likes to talk to companies, engage people and show them that starting on the road towards circularity is necessary, and can also be very fun.

Nynke van Hussen

About Nynke
Nynke’s passion for sustainability arose while writing her thesis on food waste for her Hotel Management studies. This inspired her and she decided to deepen her knowledge during a Master in Circular Economics. A course in which centralises multiple value thinking. The knowledge Nynke acquired during her studies underline her passion while guiding organisations in the shift from a money-driven to nature- and people-driven mindset. She carries out her vision with great enthusiasm and optimism: Set a good example, so start with yourself'. She hopes to further develop herself within PHI Factory and to inspire all future partners.

Bas Tideman

About Bas
Bas always had a keen interest in sustainability. During his Master in Environmental Studies, he intertwined various political, social and scientific aspects of sustainability. Before, he gained experience in sustainability consulting during an internship. He also worked in public affairs and relations, where he learned how companies can be supported by clear and honest communication. Now Bas is driven to map out the impact we have, in order to provide targeted advice that companies act on immediately. He wants to transfer his enthusiasm to organisations and for them to set and accomplish the correct goals.

Helena Stork

About Helena
At PHI Factory, Helena combines her creativity, optimism, and circular knowledge move organisations towards positive impact. Her passion for sustainability was born during her Bachelor thesis research on Kate Raworth's Donut Economy. Additionally, her desire to contribute to a fairer and more sustainable world was shaped further by her Master's degree in Circular Economics. The experience she gained, during her studies, in the film world and as an operations manager, provided Helena the necessary practical skills and circular knowledge. Now, she wants to put organisations' ambitions into practice and work together towards the common goal.

Marieke Sijm

About Marieke

Marieke developed her passion for sustainability and circularity during her study Architecture at TU Eindhoven. After, she worked as an architect of sustainable and circular building projects at Paul de Ruiter Architects.

In recent years, she learned about the challenges and opportunities of design challenges and she now knows what is needed to take the right steps towards a circular built environment. Marieke is therefore delighted to be able to contribute to a sustainable, energy-positive and circular living environment at PHI Factory.

Sebastiaan Groffen

About Sebastiaan
Thomas Rau’s lecture sparked an interest in Sebastiaan for the circular economy subject. This guest lecture inspired him so much that he decided to broaden his knowledge during the Master Circular Economics at the HAN. Sebastiaan sees the transition to a circular economy as a means to a more sustainable and fairer world. To achieve this, we as humans must choose a healthy earth over financial wealth. He believes that progress is not about economic growth, but about conserving the earth in a better condition than we received it. Progress is about satisfaction, health and happiness. In his role as circular economy accelerator at PHI Factory, he wants to contribute to this transition positively and optimistically.

Maud Classen

About Maud
Maud is currently a student at the Rotterdam School of Management where she follows the Master Strategic Management. During her bachelor at Erasmus University College, her interest in sustainability grew while writing her thesis about the automotive sector’s energy transition. She fostered this interest during her Master Behavioural Economics, where she studied how consumers react to the communication of companies' CSR initiatives. Since then, she has been keen to contribute to the transition towards sustainable solutions. At PHI Factory, she is contracted as a work student at the Impact Calculator to provide insight into companies’ carbon footprint.

Lindsay van Engel

About Lindsay
Lindsay is a Strategy Economics Master student at the Erasmus University.  So far, she worked mostly in the field of social impact. The Master’s Sustainability & Innovation course has motivated her to further develop herself in the sustainability field. She wants to raise companies’ awareness for the need to accelerate towards a circular economy and a healthier planet. Currently, Lindsay is contracted at PHI Factory as an Impact Calculator work student, mapping the carbon footprint of companies.

Mira Conci

About Mira
Mira is an Italian architect, engineer and has a PhD in the environmental and economic sustainability of the built environment. With her ongoing research, she consults on carbon and energy and develops full financial life-cycle analyses using her self-developed modelling tools. She is currently part of EIT Climate-KIC under the initiative 1 Million Near-Zero Energy, Near-Zero Carbon Homes in Europe. She is also an initiator and collaborator at GearCraft, an architecture and property management studio that specialises in adapting buildings to (near) carbon neutrality. In her role as ambassador for the International Future Living Institute, she advocates for regenerative communities and a circular economy. At PHI, Mira is the mastermind behind the carbon₂ calculations of the PHI Impact Calculator.

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T: +31 (0)180 45 34 32
E: info@phifactory.com