CO2 Impact Calculator

Gain insight into your organization's carbon footprint.

We help you get a grip on your organization's carbon footprint. Not only do we show you and your employees where your emissions are, we also show you the ins-and-outs so that you can reduce your footprint. We use figures to help you talk to your supply chain partners and make data-driven choices.

To measure is to know.
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CO2 Impact Calculator

Using carefully chosen standards and key figures based on scientific data and life cycle analyses, we make the direct and indirect impact of organizations transparent. Our CO2 analyses follow the guidelines of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. With the CO2 Impact Calculator we measure both the direct CO2 impact of an organization (scope 1 and 2 of the GHG Protocol) and the chain responsibility of the organization (scope 3).


Where within your organization do you impact your carbon footprint? Everywhere!

The environmental impact from building management, cleaning and the company canteen to the organization's entire procurement spend: CO2 emissions can be reduced everywhere, directly or in the chain. Because every organization is unique, we offer a wide range of analyses. Our offerings can thus fit well with an organization's demand, available time, data, and resources.

CO2 Organization Scan

Reducing CO2 emissions starts with the CO2 impact of the organization's operations. With our organizational scan, we map these for scope 1 and 2, and 3. These include energy and fuel consumption, commuting and business travel, but also the environmental burden of the various facility services and services. We look at where the largest CO2 footprint is and give concrete advice on how to reduce it.

CO2 Procurement Analysis

Impact is something you make together. Often most of the CO2 emissions of organizations occur indirectly (scope 3), for example by purchasing materials and products. But which suppliers have the most impact? Few organizations have a clear picture of this. We map these chain emissions by examining the entire procurement process, by collecting data from various suppliers. In addition, we calculate the impact of measures and make projections of the future CO2 footprint. This results in tailor-made advice and targeted management to reduce the CO2 footprint together.

CO2 Dashboard

Steering the CO2 footprint together with the internal organization and external partners? A dashboard helps to do this clearly. This starts with the questions: who is the dashboard for and what is its purpose? We help with the answers, identifying the right data streams needed for the steering model. Then we can build the dashboard in Power BI, or provide the input and expertise for the tool when it is developed by your own organization.

CO2 Selection Calculator

Do you want to calculate the CO2 footprint of the various offers in a tender? Do you want to know when to go for new or for reuse and what the CO2 impact will be? Then it is important to make data-driven choices based on the CO2 footprint of the various alternatives. We calculate the impact of both products, services and sustainable measures. We have built a specific model for making the building more sustainable; the E3 model. The E3 model provides insight into which sustainability measures or products score best in terms of euros, energy and emissions of materials. This allows you to make data-driven trade-offs between the financial impact, energy improvement and environmental impact of possible measures.

CO2 Deepdive

Need more insight and/or customization? With our CO2 Deepdive, we do customized and out of the box projects. Examples range from mapping the CO2 impact of fire prevention to analyzing the environmental impact of sending data. Together we analyze your issue to come up with an appropriate approach.

To measure is to know

Just measuring for the sake of knowing is not enough. Therefore, when making a CO2 analysis, we always look at the practice. What can the organization do to reduce its CO2 footprint? We give advice with practical tips and can calculate the effect of certain measures. Where necessary, we can also advise on reduction and compensation targets. Would you like to be able to carry out CO2 measurements yourself in the future? Then we offer training and guidance to secure our methodology internally.

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