Impact Calculator

Gain insight into your organisation's carbon footprint.

Through carefully selected standards and key figures (based on scientific data and life cycle analysis), we provide insight into organizations’ the hidden impact. To meet the needs of every organization, we offer 3 different levels of detail within the Impact Calculator.

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Impact Calculator

What we do

Our Impact Calculator is based on our internal business operations expertise, such as the office building, the work environment, the facility’s services, and ICT. Meanwhile, we also support organizations to map their primary process’ carbon footprint.

Our carbon footprint measurements follow the guidelines of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol). Using the Impact Calculator, we measure both the organisations direct carbon impact (scope 1 and 2 of the GHG Protocol) and the organisation’ carbon responsibility in the value chain (scope 3). Together with the organisation, we collect internal and suppliers’ data. Subsequently, we calculate the carbon footprint using carefully selected standards and key figures.


Choose the level that suits you

All our customers are unique and that is why we often provide custom work. The carbon footprint of an organisation depends on many factors. Therefore, it is possible to look at CO2 emissions at different levels which we have translated into 3 types of scans. Moreover, this way our offer can match the available time, data, and resources of an organisation.


In need of a quick insight into your internal business operations’ carbon footprint? Our Quickscan maps the high-level footprint based on general or easily available information from the organisation. In no time, you will gain insight into where most carbon impact occurs.

Full Scan

This is our standard carbon measurement, which maps out an entire carbon footprint overview. Together with the organisation, we define the scope of the research and collect data from the organisation and from suppliers. The analysis provides a detailed understanding of the different impact categories with custom advice.

Deep Dive

Require more insight? With our Deep Dive we delve deeper into a specific impact category or product. We can look at product characteristics such as materials, production, origin, or processing methods. With a Deep Dive a great deal of customization is possible.

The result

What an organisation wants to do with the results of a carbon measurement varies per organisation. That’s why we offer the opportunity for results to be delivered in different ways:

  • Presentation to internal (and external) stakeholders;
  • Extensive report with all results, recommendations and calculations;
  • A clear one- or two pager with the results and key insights;
  • Power BI dashboard (Full Scan only).

If in the future, you want to be able to carry out carbon measurements yourself, we offer guidance to guarantee the internal implementation of our methodology. Would you like more information? Please contact us.

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