Making an impact together with integrated facility management

Making an impact together with integrated facility management

  • Nationale Nederlanden
  • Nationale Nederlanden (NN) has entered into a 5-year agreement with HEYDAY Facility Management. As a leading service provider in the financial sector, NN wants to put sustainability and corporate social responsibility at the heart of its business operations.

    In doing so, NN wants to create an impact in both its own services and those of its clients. During this cooperation period, NN and HEYDAY want to work together to achieve the organization’s sustainable objectives. To achieve this, the parties formulated a joint ambition, strategy and concrete approach towards circular integrated facility management.

    Making an impact together with integrated facility management: the FM roadmap

  • Assignment:

    HEYDAY asked PHI Factory to facilitate the creation of ambition, strategy and approach for achieving HEYDAY’s sustainable objectives at NN. PHI fulfilled both a role as a facilitator and as an expert in circular FM.

  • The PHI approach:

    In order to arrive at an action plan for a concrete sustainable and circular offer of the services to be carried out, three sessions were organized. First of all, an ambition and strategy session. In this session, a joint vision was formulated. It was important to find a good match between the current objectives of NN in the field of sustainability and the integrated facility management offer of HEYDAY. Based on the results of the first session, we pragmatically drew up a plan of approach with concrete actions in the second session. Based on an outline of the services to be provided, the opportunities were inventoried.

    From the perspective of ambition, we looked beyond the scope of the current collaboration. With an active work form, we looked at how the opportunities could be utilized. With the bundling of knowledge on circularity, sustainability and facility management from HEYDAY and PHI, alongside the progressive commissioning of NN, the outcome of this session is a feasible and sustainable long-term plan. This plan provides a clear timeline with projects, actions, measurements and a guideline for communication. For each objective, a product owner is chosen who will take care of further implementation. The last step in the process, as well as the final session, was sharing the results with the entire organization. In this session the product owners had the opportunity to present the step-by-step plan they had set up. The enthusiasm they have built up in formulating the new vision, ambition and action plan radiates to the rest of the organization and thus helps to create support.

  • The result:

    The result of the three sessions is a widely supported shared vision, ambition and a sustainable long-term plan for the cooperation between HEYDAY and NN. It is clear how the cooperation will be shaped to achieve the objectives in the field of sustainability and circularity. This enables both parties to jointly take steps towards circularly integrated facility management.

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